Welcome to Plusfinanz AG

The Family Office – we are here to guide and help your family to secure the future

Our concept of a family office is to provide assistance to families with international ties in handling their private affairs in the most efficient and enduring way. We are a multi-family office. We are here to serve high net worth family individuals by helping them to preserve their private wealth for the next generation. In our capacity as careful administrator and cautious advisor, we share our professional experience with our clients, coaching them through critical situations of life. We are committed to assisting family members in difficult moments, and we help to find the most appropriate decisions. Our multilingual professionals, i.e. international lawyers, bankers, Swiss asset managers and experienced family office team, have gained expertise in asset management as well as the numerous other activities that are important for wealthy families, such as ensuring an excellent international education for the children by helping to select boarding schools and educational programmes; or assisting with health problems and medical care, relocation, visa-free travel solutions using private jets; as well as tax, inheritance, wealth preservation, asset protection, art, yachting, aircraft, representation at auctions, and also lifestyle, security services, social networking and reputation management.

The most important goal is to serve and guide the family – our client. Our culture of respect for banking secrecy, strict privacy and full confidentiality for our clients constitutes the basis for our fidelity, continuity, independence and expertise. We are here to bring to the table and discuss those uncomfortable situations nobody likes to talk about – but we do, because it is in the interest of the family to do so, to really consider the situation of the person who is in the driver’s seat.

Plusfinanz AG is an open-minded Swiss “Multi-Family Office”. We have many families (high net worth individuals) as our clients, unlike those other offices that serve just one super-rich family (ultra-high net worth individuals). This gives us some important advantages. We have to face and resolve a wider range of issues and problems. Our expertise is based on a wide range of different situations. The diversity of work in an international environment allows us to attract top-class multilingual professionals to come on board with us. It also allows us to serve younger and less wealthy families as well, in the most efficient way. You don’t have to be a super-rich Hollywood star to enjoy the benefit of our services. As a multi-family office, we are simply here to serve wealthy families living in an international environment.

Our aim is to help the current decision-maker and principal to select and train the next generation of family leaders to carry and pass on the responsibility for the family assets.

Wealthy and international families have complex affairs to manage. Mistakes can cost a lot of money and have devastating consequences. Those that have experienced the consequences due to poor administration will know the value of a good, experienced administrative partner. You and your family can benefit from our expertise gained from our work with other families. We guide your family in difficult and important moments of life to ensure a secure future for you.